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Rose Reference Sheet and Bio by Gardboyz-Productions Rose Reference Sheet and Bio by Gardboyz-Productions
Full name; Laterose “Rose” Voh of Noonvale
Age; 17
Birthday; Unknown
Residence(s); Noonvale
Species; Mouse
Originally from; Martin the Warrior by Brian Jacques


Laterose of Noonvale, better known as Rose, was born and raised in the peaceful village of Noonvale. She was the firstborn daughter of Noonvale’s chieftain, Urran Voh, and his wife Aryah. She spent most of her days with her childhood friend, a mole named Grumm Trencher. She was the older sister of Brome, who was born roughly ten years after her. After his birth, she promised to take care of him and made a habit of helping him get out of trouble.

Rose first came to Fort Marshank with Grumm Trencher, with the intention of rescuing Brome, who had been captured and enslaved by the cruel Badrang the Tyrant. There she found Martin the Warrior, bound to two poles to keep him from moving so he would be eaten by seabirds in the morn. Rose was moved by Martin's courage and fierce resolution, and decided to help him avoid certain death by tricking the birds who would have killed him. She accomplished this by doing a perfect imitation of an eagle’s cry, which scared the birds away.
Thanks to the assistance of Martin, she was able to free Brome and Felldoh, another slave, but she was separated again from her brother during their escape from Marshank. Vowing to return and free their friends and fellow slaves, Martin, Rose, and Grumm traveled to Noonvale, in the hopes of finding Brome and Felldoh safely at home in Noonvale. Martin also intended to call upon the residents of Noonvale and raise an army against Badrang.
Rose was deeply in love with Martin and the feeling was mutual. Their affection and admiration for each other grew steadily during their long journey together. Unfortunately, this love came to an abrupt and tragic end when Rose was brutally slain by Badrang as she tried to protect Grumm Trencher during the Battle of Marshank, as she was thrown into a wall and broke her neck. Martin mourned Rose for many seasons and probably never fully recovered from this terrible loss.

Shortly after her death, Rose’s spirit was reunited with Felldoh’s, who consoled her as she came to grips with her fate. According to Felldoh’s accounts, she spent nearly two seasons time in silence, and sticking close to the squirrel at all times, looking “even more traumatized than some of the Marshank slaves.” When she did eventually come back to her senses, she told Felldoh that she wanted to stay by Martin’s side, and he agreed to accompany her. They stayed with Martin, who was unaware of their presence, as he made his way to Mossflower country and freed the inhabitants from the tyranny of the Greeneyes Army. Rose tried to communicate with Martin on many occasions, but was only successful after Martin’s battle with Tsarmina Greneyes, when he was close to death. When Martin recovered, Rose admitted to Felldoh that she partially wished he hadn’t.

Some time after Martin had learned the fate of his father, Luke the Warrior, Rose and Felldoh encountered Luke’s spirit roaming Mossflower and told him of Martin’s adventures. In return, Luke instructed them on how they could project themselves back into the land of the living to communicate with living creatures, much to Rose’s appreciation. The three spirits returned to Redwall where Luke informed them that a seer named Misteye could hold the key to resurrecting them. With Luke’s help, they snuck into Redwall and finally reunited with Martin. After telling Martin about Misteye, they set out for the seer’s lair, accompanied by Gonff the Mousethief. Misteye eventually told the group that he was a chieftain of a village called the Haven that featured pools that could heal wounds and preserve age, and had the capabilities to revive the dead. After recovering Rose and Felldoh’s bodies from Noonvale, the group made their way to the Haven. However, they were followed by Brome and Grumm, who demanded to accompany them to their destination. Through the course of the trip, Rose kept a watchful eye on Martin, whose age was giving him visible difficulty traveling. Upon arrival at the Haven, Rose and Felldoh’s bodies were taken into the care of Doctor Oliver Pines, who would be in charge of repairing their physical injuries before their revival.

A few days later, after their bodies had been completely repaired, Rose and Felldoh were brought to the ritual grounds at the Haven, where they were to be resurrected. Martin stayed by Rose's side as she shadowed her body, and when the spell was complete, she slowly came to and embraced Martin, tears of joy pouring down her cheeks.

Character Connections;
Father; Urran Voh (deceased)
Mother; Aryah Voh (deceased)
Brother; Brome Voh
Friends; Martin the Warrior, Felldoh the Squirrel (spirit), Grumm Trencher, Misteye the Seer, Matthew Redwood, Daniela Oak, Justin Willow

Personality; As a resident of Noonvale, Rose had only known peace through most of her life. While she originally had misgivings regarding the necessity of war, she later rallied to Martin's point of view after witnessing the evil of slavery at Fort Marshank. She also realized the importance of a warrior when she was faced with dangerous and violent creatures who were intent on harming others, often without just cause.
Being raised in Noonvale also made her a kind, caring, selfless individual who would cast aside her own time and problems to aid others. As Brome’s older sister, she often found herself bearing responsibility of fixing the problems he caused, sometimes putting the blame on herself.
When Felldoh met her in the Dark Forest after their deaths, she spent a long time in a traumatized silence, unable to come to grips with her death. But with Felldoh’s support, she eventually came to terms with it and was able to carry on. During the trek to the Haven, she showed her concern for Martin, showing clear displeasure that he was pushing himself far harder than his physical limitations due to his age would allow. She eagerly anticipates her revival, at one point saying that the first things she wants to do is “hug Brome, kiss Martin, and have some of Grumm’s delicious soup.”

Likes; Singing, dancing, Grumm’s cooking
Dislikes; Cruelty, unnecessary violence, death
Here's another bio, this time in digital form!
While waiting for my Photoshop license keys, I decided to try Sketchbook out and digitally ink and color Rose's reference sheet. I still have a bit to learn about the program, but overall I think this is a decent piece of work.

Laterose Voh is originally from Martin the Warrior, a novel in the Redwall series of books. Redwall and all related characters are property of Brian Jacques.
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