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Misteye Reference and Bio by Gardboyz-Productions Misteye Reference and Bio by Gardboyz-Productions
Full name; Misteye the Seer
Age; Apporx. 1000+ years
Birthday; Unknown
Residence(s); Unnamed city, the Haven, mountain cavern
Originally from; Undying Friendship
Powers and abilities; Foresight, enhanced vision, pinpoint accuracy, ability to detect spirits, increased lifespan

Bio; Misteye had worked his way from humble inventor and conjurer to the chieftain of a far off city whose inhabitants were skilled in magic. Their crowning achievement was a device that could drain a creature's life force. Over time, however, their city came under attack by a massive horde of vermin and the inhabitants were forced into exile. Misteye and his fellow chieftain, Sara Redwood, led the survivors of the attack to a large underground complex beneath a massive tree, where they find a pool of water capable of healing most wounds and another that can reverse or preserve age. Misteye concluded that they stay and guard the waters from those who would exploit their powers, calling the new village the Haven.

About two hundred years later, Misteye found an orphaned squirrel named Robin while patrolling the Great Forest. Taking him to the Haven, he became Robin's mentor and father-figure, eventually deciding to give him a magic arrow as a way of showing that he would trust Robin with his life.

After one of the inhabitants began staging a hostile takeover using the life force draining devices, Misteye had the creature exiled and all but one of the devices destroyed, hiding the last one in a secure location. Soon after, he decided to leave the Haven with his children to defend the only passage to it.

Thirty years later, Misteye was visited by Martin the Warrior who wants to find a way to resurrect his friends Rose and Felldoh. He avoids telling Martin how until finding that blueprints to the devices are imprinted in his sword's pummelstone. He decides to lead Martin to the Haven, but on the way, he begins to notice that his foresight is being impaired by an unknown source.

After arriving back at the Haven, Misteye helped Dr. Oliver Pines in treating the wounds that killed Rose and Felldoh. A few days later, Misteye was put in charge of performing the incantation for the resurrection spell. The spell was a success, returning Rose and Felldoh to the land of the living.

Character Connections;
Sons (adopted); Justin Willow, Matthew Redwood
Daughter (adopted); Daniela Oak
Friends; Martin the Warrior, Laterose "Rose" Voh (spirit), Felldoh the Squirrel (spirit), Gonff the Mousethief, Brome Voh, Grumm Trencher

Personality; Misteye is a no-nonsense leader who takes most matters seriously. He rarely ever jokes, there are even fewer times anyone has seen him smile. This is most likely because of the ordeal he had to face being exiled from his original home with no way of preventing it. While he maintains a positive outlook, it is masked by a stone face that emits little emotion. His knowledge of the future and past may also give him stress and negativity, particularly if unfortunate events are right around the corner.

Abilities; At an undisclosed point in his life, Misteye gained his namesake as a side effect of a spell cast on him. His left eye gave him the ability to see into the past and future. He can also see over great distances and through solid objects, and even see things that the average creature couldn't see, such as invisible spirits. This skill also gives him pinpoint accuracy, to the extent that he doesn't even have to face target. His abilities to see into the future, however, can be hindered by outside forces.
As a result of the longetivity springs at the Haven, Misteye has gained an impossibly long lifespan of over one thousand years.

Likes; Defending those in need, looking into the past, looking into the future
Dislikes; Injustice, cruelty, liars, losing/ suppression of his powers, looking into the future
Here's another!
Wanted to flesh out my OC, Misteye, after posting the Martin bio. Page 2 is on the way!
kellywolfdog123 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015
Very very interesting Character Misteye the Seer  is. :) I did have an  idea almost like this with a new character of mine that I just made up... well she can't see the past and future  ^^; but in the time zone of Martin she is a child and lives up around the time zone of matthias is in witch makes her an old lady :XD: She only lived that long because she tells the true story of Martin the Warrior to other beasts.
jhiggins68 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
Austin, I was wondering if you wanted the text to appear hand-drawn intentionally or are do you want a more formal look? Just wondering.
Gardboyz-Productions Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I did hand-write the text. I may update the image some other time.
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